Referenties over dokter MacLennan

I enjoyed working with doctor MacLennan in Paris with great pleasure. She is a highly skilled and talented plastic surgeon who controls many different surgical techniques and operates with great accuracy.
In addition to this she is a committed and honorable person, much loved by her patients and colleagues.
All these personal qualities ensure that her patients surrender to her in full confidence and are very satified with the result achieved.

Dr. François Petit

Plastic Surgeon from Paris

Dokter MacLennan is niet alleen zeer professioneel, maar ook een hele warme, open persoonlijkheid.
Je voelt je onmiddellijk op je gemak bij haar. Ze neemt ruim de tijd tijdens het intake gesprek om precies te weten wat je motivaties en verwachtingen zijn en er wordt duidelijk uitgelegd wat de behandeling precies inhoudt. Vrienden vonden mij er na de behandeling heel uitgerust uitzien, zonder dat het specifiek opviel dat ik echt iets had laten doen. Kijk dan ben je voor mij goed bezig. Daaraan kan je zien dat dokter MacLennan zeer bekwaam is. Een aanrader!

Mw. G

Patiënt, 54 jaar

Doctor MacLennan is very approuchable, friendly and installs confidence. She explains exactly what your procedure involves. I was very happy with the outcome of the treatment. I would definitely recommend her.

Mrs. C

Patient, 61 years old

If you are lucky to meet one day doctor MacLennan, do not hesitate to trust you to her and to have faith in her.
I have had the chance to live sweet moments with Linda and to assist her during surgical procedures without stress, while she masters the scalpel like the conductor of an orchestra handles his stick, knowing his partition by heart.
Do not hesitate to open your heart to her because she is a brilliant, beautiful and intelligent woman, listening to your demands and needs. She is extraordinary and a mother for whom there is no word to describe her beauty.

Grace Dias

Nurse from Paris